How does automatic alt text work on Facebook?

Alternative text (alt text) is a text-based description added to an image that can benefit people who are blind and have low-vision. If the person who uploaded or posted the image doesn't include alt text, Facebook’s Automatic Alt Text (AAT) technology uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to automatically create a description of the image. The automatic alt text may not always be complete, but you can edit the alt text for images you upload or post.
To hear the automatic alt text for an image, open Facebook using a screen reader and focus on the image. You’ll hear a description entered by the person who uploaded the image or a list of objects, concepts or locations the image may contain as recognized by Facebook's AAT technology. If you think the alt text of an image violates our Community Standards, you can report the image.
Detailed descriptions for Android, iPhone and iPad
If you’d like to know more about an image, using a screen reader, focus on the image and open the action menu. From there, select Generate detailed image description.
The detailed image description can include:
  • [Name's] description: Alt text entered by the person who uploaded or posted the image.
  • Facebook-generated description: Alt text that is automatically generated by Facebook.
  • Text in This Image: Any text in the image, read from top-left to bottom-right.
  • Position Information: Where objects in the image are located.
  • Size Information: The size of an object is used to determine the focus of an image.
  • Elements by Category: Objects are put into categories like people, plants and objects.
Automatic alt text on
If you're using Facebook on, you'll need to switch data usage to More to use automatic alt text:
  1. Tap Settings and Privacy at the bottom of the page.
  2. Tap Personal Information.
  3. Tap Edit next to Data Usage.
  4. Tap More.
  5. Tap Save.
If you have any problems with automatic alt text, use this form to let us know.
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