How do I complete my organization's application to use Facebook's fundraising platform?

Your nonprofit organization can apply to collect donations on Facebook. Learn more about how organizations qualify to use Facebook's fundraising platform.
If you or someone else in your organization started enrolling for Facebook fundraising tools, finish your application using the steps below:
  1. Review any incomplete steps on the signup page.
    Completed items have a Complete. Select these buttons to complete the steps needed.
    Any incomplete information is indicated by Submit for Review or Create Donations Account buttons. You no longer need to have a verified Facebook Page to enroll for Facebook's fundraising platform.
  2. Complete any steps marked 'Pending'. Please check the email address you provided on the application in case we've requested more information from you. Make sure to check your 'spam' and 'junk' email folders.
  3. Update any outdated or incorrect documents by filling out this form. Select Nonprofit / Charitable Organization then Update Account Records, and then select the type of document you want to update.
  4. Update your organization's point of contact by filling out this form.
    Make sure to update this information if the contact information for your organization has changed or if you haven't received our email.
For additional help, please fill out this form.
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